Van Merryn is all about bringing sustainable and safe design toys for babies and toddlers

Van Merryn is all about bringing sustainable and safe design toys for babies and toddlers



Van Merryn in English

The most important thing for Van Merryn is that a child’s first years are full of joy and beauty and give a healthy start for a balanced life. We strive to build an environment where children can grow up to be confident and considerate human beings. We believe that the values that children’s toys represent will affect their whole life. That is why we deliver ecological design toys for babies and toddlers from the most interesting manufacturers around the world.

You can visit our online store an vanmerryn.fi (in Finnish for the time being...)


Who or what is Van Merryn?

The person behind Van Merryn is me, Antti Kirmanen. In addition to myself, a lot of other people have participated in making the Van Merryn dream come true. Friends, toy manufacturers, and developers among other people have already played a crucial part. In the future, even more will participate as bloggers, customers, and other collaborators. The common factor between all of us is that we all share the same passion: to make children first years the most wonderful time of childhood.

The name Van Merryn is a family name. Van Merryn’s full name is Captain Andrew Van Merryn. He is my alter ego. I created him so that I can build an entire imaginary world around him. Why? Because childhood is the time when our imagination has no limits. I want to cherish this beautiful gift by introducing imagination to the Van Merryn online toy store. Captain Andrew Van Merryn can - and will - do things that I could never do. Like sail to Germany with his pet beagle and bring heaps of beautiful toys to Finnish children… Actually, I might be able of doing that!

At the end of the day, Van Merryn manifests itself as a Finnish online toy store and this blog. Van Merryn wants to tell stories, and it will only sell classic high-quality toys.


About the toys

Van Merryn online store focuses on sustainable design toys. This means that they are manufactured by reliable toy brands whose main priority is high quality and safety. All of the toys meet the European safety standards, such as NF-EN71, and have the CE -label. They last from children to children, and sometimes even to adulthood. This is very important to me because I still have my plush toy beagle with me. My aunt gave it to me as a birthday gift on my first birthday over 30 years ago! That is what I expect from the toys in Van Merryn’s selection as well.

The ecological aspect is also important to me. I strive to find toys that are manufactured in a sustainable way. What comes to the materials, I personally focus on the whole life cycle of the toy. The durability, washability, and possibility to recycle the material are key factors. And lovability of course! These are not toys that follow some short trends. These toys are classics that will bring joy to generations to come!

I’m also proud of the appearance of the toys in Van Merryn’s selection. They are elegant and will suit any nursery or child’s room. The first years of a child’s life are wonderful in that sense that you as a parent can decide how their room looks like an even how the children dress. As toys are a crucial part of babies’ and toddlers’ development the room will eventually fill up with them. You should choose the best looking toys so that also the child’s room is well-decorated. Then both you and your child will feel good in it.

Lastly, the toys will help babies and toddlers to grow to be active and intelligent children. That is why Van Merryn also sells educational toys that help babies to develop their motor and cognitive skills.


You are now in Van Merryn’s blog - Van Merryn Weekly. It is a place for parents who have small children - or are expecting their first child -  to find useful and entertaining content. This blog will help parents make the child’s first years the most wonderful time of childhood!

Despite Van Merryn being an alter ego and an imaginary character, Van Merryn’s blog will focus on factual content with sources. Parenting and childhood are too important topics for beliefs and hear-say. Of course, this blog will also include the adventures of Captain Andrew Van Merryn and his pet beagle, as well as other merry content!

I’ll publish content in Finnish for the time being. Van Merryn will expand from Finland to other markets as well, and when this happens, we’ll start to publish content in other languages as well.


Contact us

If you are interested in collaborating with Van Merryn in any way, do not hesitate to contact me. Whether you want to sell your toys to Finnish audience, or want to create blog or other content together, be in touch!

The best way is to send email to antti@vanmerryn.fi or call +358 40 517 4374.